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yes. this is Warcrack talk. Tune out if you dont want to read :D

I actually started leveling NotLupus about a week ago. I -finally- figured out how to DPS as a moonkin (boomchicken, laserchicken, etc). I am -LOVING- it. It is especially nice since i am a hybrid class and can, if need be pop out of my chicken suit and throw heals. I've been thanked more than once for this, cause i saved the groups from various wipes. I know later on my heals wont be as uber and significant but at this level I dont care. I feel useful and helpful :D

I also love the fact that I can change form on a whim while running around between mobs. I am constantly bouncing around in bear, kitty, cheetah and boom. The joke to me is I am a worgen. my name is NOTlupus (which is a term for werewolves). I dont like being in my worgen state >D if we are waiting in queue for another tank, i will pop kitty and start dancing or curl up at your feet and /purr. OR i will dance as boom cause that cracks me up -every- time. When I get higher up I will learn to heal more (its my offspec) and i -will- glyph for grumpy awesome tree so i can wiggle my butt like a happy grumpy tree!

Point of this post... I love my boomy. its as much fun leveling as my hunter and priest was :D WHYYYY did it take me a year to see this?!
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