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Sep. 18th, 2017 11:13 am
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‎September ‎8, ‎2017, Friday:

I guess I'll start doing this again, where I write journal entries at home, keep adding and adding, and then get them on the website when I can get the laptop on public wifi.

It has absolutely sucked not having internet, but of course, Frontier is to thank for that. I have to keep the data turned off on my iPhone for good, too, because 5 gigs is not enough, even with turning it off when I'm not using it and not playing games, videos or music. I'm not screwing Don into having to pay another $40.00 a month to have unlimited data on top of the $102.00 he's already paying for our phones. Plus, I've been told it's not even unlimited, even though that's what Verizon advertises it as, it's only 20 gigs a month, so fuck paying all that extra just to still be at risk of running out and getting slapped with that $15.00 penalty. I already ended up going over this month, even with being extra careful and keeping the data turned off 95% of the time. It all just sucks. So I will wait until I can get to public wifi to use anything on my phone besides calling and texting. I'm thinking about just deactivating my phone and only having Don's on the plan and just share the phone number. I mean, why the hell have an iPhone that I can't use as an iPhone? It's a waste of money. Of course, there's still no hope for finding an internet provider in this area so I can have my phone on wifi most of the time like I used to and Frontier still doesn't give a shit about their customers.

Last week Ma and Dad had to have their dachshund Biskit put to sleep. :( He was 13 and he had what the vet thinks might have been a stroke. He had a big seizure and then was very sick. He couldn't eat, couldn't hold himself, was always wandering around confused, was losing weight, he'd cry if anybody picked him up, so he was obviously in pain, and the vet said his liver was failing. Ma and Dad decided not to make him suffer anymore. Poor little dog! At first Ma said they wouldn't get another dog, but she said that after Molly died and said it again after Zipper died. I knew better. We went there Tuesday to visit and sure enough, they're looking for a new dog. Dad needs a dog. His depression could get worse without one. They were going to give us Biskit's cage for Eevee to sleep in so she doesn't eat the house during the night, but they decided to keep that and gave us a different one instead that they had in the garage.

Eevee sleeps in that every night now instead of staying tied up by the door, but we have to fight her every night in order to get her in there. She won't go in on her own. Oh well. She'll get used to it. I had to guess on when her birthday is, but based on the date of a photo of her on the Facebook of the woman we got her from, where she looks to be about 8 weeks old, I decided on September 12th, so she's almost 1. I also expect her to go into heat soon. She won't be able to go outside alone because the neighbors' dogs will all come running. We will set up everything to get her spayed soon. We'll call that same place in Indian River that helped with getting Tug and Sammy neutered.

Tony is in Alpena at the homeless shelter. Jasmine broke up with him yet again, but followed him to Alpena and she's now posting bad things about him on Facebook and getting her friends to go to the shelter to try to beat him up. It's all really stupid. She's staying with the owners of John Boy's restaurant and they called the cops and said he went in there and ate and didn't pay for his food, but he hasn't been in there for years. Ma called and told me about it. I didn't figure out what was going on until I saw the owners are the ones Jasmine lives with now. They're just trying to cause trouble for him by making up lies. It's all really trailer trashy. However, if Tony wants it all to go away, he needs to realize he has to never, ever talk to Jasmine or anybody she knows ever, EVER again. He can't see that, though, and he keeps pestering her to take him back. He's going to end up in jail. She already tried to get a PPO (Personal Protection Order aka Restraining Order), but was denied. In the meantime, he still won't talk to me (and I don't want him to) and he is now treating Cathy the same way he is treating me, sending her texts filled with profanity and crap. If he starts treating Ma that way I'll be really pissed!

The other day we went to Cheboygan a couple times to food shop and now the kitchen is REALLY full. We won't have to worry about groceries for a long time. Don bought a coffee percolator for making coffee on the fire when we go camping again. My Uncle Dennis gave us an air mattress for the tent and Ma gave us thick blankets to stay warm. I don't know when we'll go again, though. It's been cold and rainy for a long time now.

Next week is the the Richard Crane Memorial Truck show parade in Mackinaw City again. We'll go to that and it will be our next vlog. It's been really hard vlogging. I only want to film exciting things and nothing exciting has happened since we went camping. Oh well. Sure, I could daily vlog again, and then we'd have to go to the Cheboygan library everyday to get public wifi that's good enough for uploading. That's a 52 mile round trip and lots of gas money. It would be different if we lived in Cheboygan.

I weigh 293 lbs. now. :( I've gained almost all of it back. I keep trying to eat right, but I just fail and fail and fail. All I ever want to do in life is eat! I'm still saving money for a new exercise bike from Walmart. com. I have $45 out of $100 so far. Any money I get a hold of gets saved. Don gives me spending money, I put it away. Carissa had me edit an image for the cover of one of her books and sent me $20 for doing it and I saved that, too. Maybe if I could get exercising and start SEEING progress like I did in 2014 I could stick with it. But right now I'm gaining 20 lbs. a month. Ugh!

We've been watching lots of DVD's and some things on regular TV. I've been coloring adult coloring book pages to try to keep busy and NOT binge eat. I want to play games on the PS3, but Don always has DVD's playing, so I be polite and don't make him stop them. I brought the Sirius into the house so we can listen to it in here. It's paid up until the end of December, so we might as well use it. Plus, after I brought it in, the radio stopped working in the car, so I can't use it in there anymore anyway.

I changed the plugs in my ears the other day. I'm to size 4 now. There's only 1 more time to go, and that's to size 2, and then I'm done. I'm not going any further. I'll order the 2's in 2 or 3 months when it's time to change them again. Then I won't have to change them anymore, which will be good, because it hurts.

By the time I'm able to post this entry, Hurricane Irma will be over, but I hope it's not too bad. I know a few people who live there, Carissa and her family, Sara and her family, Christina, a woman I went to school with named Mya and her little granddaughter. Even Charles Trippy, Travis Clark and Danny Duncan, all from YouTube and We the Kings, live there. I have no way without the internet to know if they're okay or not. I can't dare turn the data on on my phone because it eats it like crazy even if all I do is look at my Facebook! Even on the 10th when they refill the 5 gigs I won't use it. I'll just let it roll over month after month after month. Eventually there will be tons of data built up and I STILL won't use it. I'm sick of the $15 overages. I really do need to get rid of that iPhone, even though I hate to. Thanks a lot, Frontier! They fucked me over really good.

Bye until next time. I'll just keep adding and adding until I can post this, and then I'll start another one.

‎September ‎10, ‎2017, Sunday:

Today we got really bored and went up to Cheboygan to see Becky and Troy. Of course, goofy John was there too, lol. They had on this annoying movie on Lifetime called, "Mommy's Prison Secret." It was dumb as hell and the woman playing the bad guy was really annoying, her hair, the way her lips moved, her attitude. She really got under my skin. Yuck! Becky had to go to work, so the rest of us went to the dam to see if the salmon are running yet. Thankfully we did not finish that stupid movie. We watched other people fish, and we saw like 3 salmon jump, but we didn't try fishing ourselves because we knew we wouldn't catch anything. Nobody was. After that we took Troy and John home and then Don and I went to Burger King for lunch. Now we're home and Don is making dinner.

He has a DVD in of a really crappy movie called, "The Poltergeist of Borley Forest." Nobody knows how to act AT ALL. I looked up the reviews and they're horrible. That's why I'm writing this entry and then I will play Solitaire, which I did finally find on Windows 10.

The data on my phone refilled today, but I already used up 10% of it today alone, and that's with repeatedly keeping the data shut off when I'm not using it and using wifi instead of data when we were at Burger King eating. *sigh* It really sucks to not have wifi at home for the phone to hook to in order to conserve the data.

I guess that's all for now. We will eat in a while and then just relax for the night. Bye for now.

‎September ‎14, ‎2017, Thursday:

Travis and Amber decided to give their chihuahua Toby. He's 1 1/2 and a nice dog, so that's good. Dad kept saying, "I can't live in this house without a dog!" They applied to adopt a dog from the Atlanta Humane Society, but they were denied just like we were in 2015 before we got Tug. That place is run by assholes. Now they won't adopt to people who don't have a fenced-in yard. Oh well.

I guess everybody is okay from Hurricane Irma, just there's no power. I'm glad there wasn't mass destruction and deaths.

Don started working for Dan again as of today. It will be about 10 hours a week, so that's an extra $400 a month, which will be nice. Also, today the power bill came and it said we had a $15 credit and we don't owe anything. The bill didn't say why, so we thought it had to be a mistake. Don called them and they said that after 5 years they gave him back his $120 deposit, which pays for this bill and pays $15.00 on next month's bill. Well, okay, then. That gives us some extra money. Don said I'll be able to get my exercise bike in October now. I already have $45 saved toward it.

Today we went fishing down the railroad tracks from here and got a lot of panfish. At one point I thought a turtle was swimming toward us, but then I realized it was a big snake! Ewwww, just NO! Don laughed at me because I hid behind him until it was gone.

Last night before bed I saw some snotty-assed teenager trying to sell pudding stones at $55.00 per stone, or $400.00 for a half a wheel barrel full, on the Cheboygan Buy, Sell, Trade group. Don has been collecting them for most of his life and knows they only sell for 32 cents a pound, so at $55 the single stone would have to weigh 171 lbs and it did NOT. The wheel barrel full would have had to weigh 1,250 lbs. and it certainly did NOT. I tried to explain this to the kid. I wasn't rude about it, but of course he was. He was probably about 17 years old and he got really snotty and stupid, telling me I know nothing and he "put me in my place." He said he could get $2.00 a pound for them. So that means the small stone would have had to weigh 27 1/2 lbs., which it was only the size of a small potato, and the half a wheel barrell full would have had to weigh 200 lbs, which it obvioulsy did not. So he's still scamming people one way or the other, even at the price he quoted himself. So I blocked him. Then, for the rest of the night, I kept getting Facebook messenger requests from his friends, all of which also looked to be about 17, all being stupid and obnoxious. I'm glad today's school kids have nothing else to do than harass somebody more than twice their age. I just went to the Facebooks of each little brat and blocked them one by one as their asshole messages came in. One of them said he called the cops on me. Yeah? For WHAT? Then he said, "Oh no! You're related to the Schoolcrafts! That explains it all!" That one pissed me off. Yes, we have people in the family who are very trailer trash and spend a lot of time in jail, but I am NOT from that part of the family. The Schoolcrafts are divided, the good ones and the bad ones. Thanks to those no-good assholes, though, anybody who sees the Schoolcraft name automatically assumes we are ALL bad. Guilty by association. It sucks. This little brat only knew because he was trolling through my Facebook and I had left the photo I took of my grandma Schoolcraft's card with her handwriting in it public in case anybody in the family wanted to share it. I have since switched it to friends only. Nobody needs to know who I'm related to and who I'm not. But meanwhile, I hope that little con artist has fun trying to sell his $400 rocks. They're on the ground all over. That's how Don finds them and he just brings them home because they're pretty.
Saturday we're going to the Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show parade in Mackinaw City like we have since 2015. I'll be vlogging it. I want to go early enough to look through the gift shops. Then I will go to the Cheboygan library on Monday to upload it. I wish we had more cool things to do that I could vlog, but we don't. I don't know what we'll do in the winter.

Don has the second Karate Kid movie playing in the PS3 and he's making pork chops for dinner.


September 17, 2017, Sunday:

Friday we went to Cheboygan to the dam to try salmon fishing. They were all over in there. We could see them swimming around and they kept jumping out of the water, but we didn't catch any and neither did anybody else who was there. Salmon only have spawning in mind and do not want to eat, so it's ridiculously hard to catch them. After that we went to Hammond's Bay to the mouth of the Ocqueoc River close to where it connects to Lake Huron. They were jumping around there, too, but again, we caught nothing. 4 young guys showed up and didn't catch anything, either, except the one guy who was alone. He caught one as we were leaving. Oh well. We will try again in Cheboygan after I upload the new vlog at the Cheboygan library tomorrow.

Yesterday we went to the Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show parade in Mackinaw City. We picked up Troy on the way there. Becky had to work and John wanted to fish. We went early so I could look around in the shops. I got some runes from Enchanted Knights. My last set of runes was stolen along with everything else I owned in 2001, and when I colored that adult coloring book page with the fox with runes, it got me thinking about them. I also want a deck of dragon tarot cards, which they also had, but I didn't have tons of money and that shop isn't cheap. I saw a really nice diary in there, but it was $46.00! Anyway, it was really nice to walk around and look at all the stuff. Don and Troy ended up finding a bench after awhile and I went off on my own. It's not really their thing. I got some food from KFC, which is right by where we parked, and ate it on the bunch outside because there aren't enough tables in that little KFC for many people to sit in there. Eating outside is nice anyway. We just settled down then and waiting for the parade to start. I kept seeing people walking around with really good looking ice cream cones from the fudge shops and it made me want one. I walked around a little bit collecting items off Pokestops in Pokemon Go and I ended up coming back to the bench with a waffle cone with coffee ice cream from JoAnn's Fudge, lol.
Time went on and it got dark and we decided to watch the parade from by the car, which was just across the street from KFC and the bench anyway. I got Don to go into KFC and get himself some food because I realized he didn't eat AT ALL all day and it was already almost 9 p.m.! I don't like how he does that to himself. He brought it back and used to trunk of the car as a table to eat it on.

Around 9:30 the semi trucks finally started coming over the Mackinac Bridge from St. Ignace where the truck show actually was. They start the parade in St. Ignace, come over the bridge, make a big loop through Mackinaw City, and get back on the bridge (which is actually the I-75 freeway in case anybody was curious), and go back to St. Ignace. We were right downtown this time instead of off on a side street by the hotel Becky used to work at and I think it was better. We seemed to be closer to the trucks as they went by and everything we needed was there, all the shops, food, bathrooms. That's where I want to watch it from from now on. We had chairs in the trunk and set them up behind the car (parking goes straight down the middle of the street in downtown Mackinaw City). Tons of other people did the same thing.

The parade lasted an hour and as always it was really cool. I don't know how many trucks there were, but it was lots and lots. They were all shiny clean with really cool lights on them. Alex Debogorski from Ice Road Truckers was back and was driving a different truck this year, a white one. There were also 2 very old Greyhound style buses from the 1960's. I filmed the whole thing, but I didn't use it all today when I edited the vlog. That would have made the whole thing over an hour long. Nobody on YouTube wants to sit through a vlog that long. I just kept all the highlights, the coolest looking trucks, Alex Debogorski, the 2 buses, trucks with murals, things like that. It came out to just over 11 minutes, which is normal for a vlog.

After that we took Troy home and visited with him and Becky for a little while. By then it was midnight. We left and Don stopped by the dam to see if there was enough light to fish because salmon bite better after dark. There was, but there were also a ton of people there trying to do the same thing, so we left. We stopped at Walmart because I wanted a bottle of water because KFC makes you thirsty. I didn't plan on eating anything more, but Don wanted a rotisserie chicken and some potato salad, so when we got home we ended up eating a very late dinner of chicken, potato salad and Bush's Grillin' Beans (which are really good, btw). Oh well, lol. Then at 2 a.m. or so we finally went to bed. It was a really good day, though.
Now today I just edited the vlog and we're relaxing. It's been thunderstorming on and off all day. I have my DVD's of Aqua Teen Hunger Force seasons playing and Don thinks it's really stupid. He went outside, lol. Oh well, he's been making me sit through Gilligan's Island seasons and that's stupider than stupid, too, so fair is fair!

Tomorrow we will go to the Cheboygan library to upload the vlog. It shouldn't take just under 2 hours like last time because this one is only 11 minutes long. Then Don wants to try salmon fishing again. We've been trying to catch salmon since 2015 and we haven't been able to, so my hopes are not up.

Ma called and said her and Dad went and picked Tony up from the homeless shelter in Alpena and took him to the doctor (he has bronchitis) and bought him some food from McD's. He sat in the car and talked shit about me, so nothing's changed with him. Nothing ever will. Ma needs to chew him out for having such a bad attitude. She seems to be the only person he respects as an adult, well, and Dad, too. They need to tell him how he treats people is wrong and shitty, but I don't know if they will.

Tomorrow I can also finally put all this crap in my journal, lol!

Bye again.

September 18, 2017, Monday:

And here I am in current time. I'm at the Cheboygan library uploading the vlog. Wow! It's at 76% after only a few minutes! If only I could have this internet at home, but yeah, that can never happen.

I dropped Don off at Dan's to work. I will go back there when I'm done here because he left his phone at home, so he can't text him when he needs to be picked up, plus Dan did not leave him the truck to ship spades, so I need to get the car back to him before 5 so he can do that. It's 11:20 now.

Last night we went back to the Cheboygan dam to try to salmon fish again, but of course we caught nothing. I really have no hope that we ever will. They don't want to eat. You can't just go in the water and grab them, lol.

Well, that's all for now. I'll keep making entries at home in Wordpad and then whenever I can get this laptop back online again I'll put them here.


Here's the new vlog. I don't even think that took a half an hour!


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