Jul. 23rd, 2017 05:46 pm
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I finally got through to Frontier and they're having a new modem sent by UPS instead of waiting 2 weeks to send a technician. That's good, but meanwhile, we've given up on Subway and we're at Dan's now trying to use his and it's just as slow. Everybody in Onaway runs on Frontier and it sucks so bad!



Jul. 23rd, 2017 03:47 pm
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We got up today when it started thunderstorming. I had barely been out in the kitchen when I heard a loud snap, then loud thunder and I turned around the Frontier modem/router lights were all dark. DAMMIT! AGAIN! This means we will be without internet for at least 2 weeks, maybe more. When this happened 2 years ago they didn't care at all, didn't bother to show up for 2 weeks. All we need is them to come and trade out the fried modem for a working one. If they had an office like Charter does we could simply just go there and made the trade, but they have no office. So we're sitting in Subway, where their internet absolutely SUCKS, and the vlog is uploading at approximately 1% every 5 to 10 minutes. I don't even know if it will be uploaded before they close at 9. I'm also trying to have a live chat with Frontier to get a new modem, but it started at 21 people ahead of me and now it's at 16 and it's going incredibly slow. Plus, they'll just treat me like I'm an idiot. Also, my phone won't work at home without wifi, not even calls or texts, because Verizon also sucks. Wow, what a way to wreck your day!


Enjoying Summer So Far

Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:59 am
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Thursday we went back up to Cheboygan to the dam to do some more fishing after dinner. It was my idea this time. I just wanted to get out and do something and it was a nice warm night, no thunderstorms this time. I didn't catch anything, but Don got a couple small fish. It was just really nice to be outside and as I was standing at the water with my pole I was thinking about how it was so nice to be there instead of at work dealing with endless assholes, which is where I was originally supposed to be before I quit.

Yesterday Don worked and I stayed home. One of our YouTube subscribers, who lives in the Detroit area, but has a cabin up here, Wil Tomei and his wife Becky, stopped by Dan's house to meet Don. That wasn't fair, I didn't get to talk to him, lol! Actually, if the rain doesn't cancel it out (it's just barely sprinkling now), Don and I are going to the races at the Onaway Speedway tonight and so is Wil, so we're supposed to meet up there. That will be cool. Wil and Becky are the ones who shared their Netflix account with us while we were trying to pay the property off and he ordered us some SD card adapters off Amazon, too. He's been on our personal Facebooks for a long while now. It's funny how YouTube can actually make you real life friends.

Back when Lexi was still coming here she kept saying she wanted an iPod, so I gave her my Nano. I thought I could use my iPhone the same way I could use an iPod, but I cannot. She just instantly lost it as soon as she got it home, so I should have never given it to her. Flash forward to now, I want to be able to listen to music when I take walks, but since I dropped my iPhone data plan down from 4gb to 2gb, I don't want to use up all the data doing that. So I advertised on Facebook asking if anybody had an old iPod, any version, didn't matter how old, as long as it worked and had its cord, that they'd be willing to sell for cheap. Well, Mrs. Herring, my old high school English teacher from Onaway, replied and said she has a brand new Nano she won as a prize from something that she has no idea how to use and no desire to use, that she'll give me for free! That's really nice of her! We arranged for her to drop it off to Don at Dan's today, so that's something I'm looking forward to.

Otherwise not a whole lot is going on. We went food shopping in Onaway last night after Don got home from work. Yesterday was my final payday and I paid our cell phone bill and Frontier (internet). Don told me to hold on to the rest of the money. I do know I need to use some of it for gas and some of it to pay for a new driver's license. They don't just change the name on your driver's license for free like they do the address.

Speaking of, as long as Don doesn't have to work, we need to go to Alpena Monday. I have to go to the Social Security office and file for a new Social Security card. I have to go to State Farm and have my name changed on the car insurance, and to Besser Credit Union and have my name changed there. I also have to go to the Verizon Store and have my name changed with them for the cell phones. I also have to change everything with DHS, but I have to do that in Cheboygan County. I'm picking Alpena for the Social Security office over Petoskey because the traffic SUCKS in Petoskey in the summer! Plus, I have all those other places in Alpena I have to go to, so I might as well do it all in one trip. We need to stop by Cathy's to give her 2 shirts, plus a solar dancing owl I found her at Family Dollar yesterday. Crabass Amy won't be there, so I'm glad.

I guess that's all for now. I'm just sitting here wondering why there's so much traffic out on this barren dirt road today, lol.



Jul. 19th, 2017 01:12 pm
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We went up to Cheboygan yesterday and finally got our fishing licenses from Walmart. Then we went to Becky and Troy's and we all ended up going fishing at the Cheboygan dam. I caught a bullhead and a perch, and then Don caught this. WOW!

We didn't know what it was, but 2 people walking by said it's a bowfin, and another guy later confirmed it. Dogfish is another name, and it has other names, too, but I'm not going to look them back up. It was 23 & 3/4 inches long and 7 lbs. Don was pretty proud of that one! It's now cleaned and in the freezer.

Right after we decided to stop fishing a great big thunderstorm came in, so we stopped just in time. It was a really nice day, though.

When we got home we had a package. I knew it would be there because this woman named Joyce Lord messaged me on Instagram asking if I got it yet. She's a YouTube subscriber and sent it. It was a big box of all pretty well new clothes, so that was really nice of her! I don't know who she actually is, though. The address on the box is New York state. She's not on my Facebook like some of our subscribers. I don't know how she got our home address. I'll give it to people who ask, but nobody's asked lately. Google, I suppose, lol. But it's okay, because she did something really nice and wasn't a creeper. Now I have a bunch of clothes I can wear until I re-lose the weight and then I can give it all to Cathy.

Now today Don is at work and I'm relaxing and doing laundry. I need to do the dishes and dust and vacuum, too. It's hot right now, but later in the evening when it cools down I want to take a walk. Yeah, our wedding photos are really nice, but good God, have I ever become a cow again! Ugh! Time to fix that now that I'm no longer working in a place where I'm constantly surrounded by garbage food. That's where I did 95% of my binge eating. I gained 30 lbs. just over this past winter alone, on top of everything else I gained back. I've gained back almost 100 lbs! :(

I have definitely realized how useful to US our YouTube vlog channel is. If I didn't know before, I sure do now. First and foremost it's a video diary for US, not anybody else. If other people watch it, great, but it serves US the best. I keep rewatching the part of our wedding vlog where Don chokes up during the vows because I think it's incredibly romantic that he did that. It shows without a doubt that he loves me with all his soul, and that has never happened in any of my past relationships. To be honest, I don't think any of those guys could have really cared if I was dead or alive. Don isn't like that. He honestly loves me with all he has and I feel the same way about him. He was never been truly loved before, either. He had 2 major exes, Delores Deloy and Ami Root. Both were complete bitches who treated him like shit. Luckily he didn't marry Delores, but she was so abusive to him he had to sleep in his car after work every night because he didn't want to go anywhere near her. And of course, we all know Ami was a bitch to him and cheated like crazy. He dated a little bit here and there, but he said they all sucked, too. So for both of us this is our first real true loving relationship. And it's our last because I never see us divorcing. We don't even argue. It's been months since we did have any kind of argument and the ones we did have were based on my mental unhealthiness from all the abuse I received my whole life. I kept expected abuse when there wasn't going to be any just because that's what I'm used to. It took me a while to heal. I can't say I'm 100% healed, but I'm a whole lot better. Same with Don. He expected me to be like Ami and Delores and it took awhile for him to shake that idea, too. But anyway, I veered off the subject. YouTube is a great way to document our lives for US, because things like our wedding, yeah we would have had pictures and we would have had memories in our heads, but now we have actual footage we can watch whenever we want. Same with all the other videos. A lot of YouTubers are only about attracting fans and making money (most people are monetized, but of course, we can't be.) and they've forgotten all about themselves.

Speaking of vlogs, now that I'm not working they can be daily again like they originally started out as. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't really vlog on the days I worked because I didn't have time and we never went anywhere or did anything, so they had become multi-day ones, some of them as long as 5 days. Now, for the people who ARE subbed to us (and us too) the videos can be a lot better.

Here's yesterday's. You can see Don catch that big fish. :)


Wedding Vlog

Jul. 18th, 2017 01:08 pm
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Here's the wedding vlog! I wasn't sure if the sound was good enough during the ceremony. I cranked the volume of that clip all the way up, but I couldn't really listen to it during editing because my laptop can't handle Filmora Wondershare and the high resolution clips from my camera very well, so it doesn't play smooth enough for me to listen to it all while I'm editing. However, now that's it up on YouTube I see the sound is good enough to catch Don choking up during the vows. That's a good way to remember it because it's really special to me. That means he really, really loves me. He kids around a lot, but when it comes right down to it, there's no doubt he loves me with all his heart, and I feel the same way about him!


Jul. 17th, 2017 09:15 pm
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We are married! Don had to go pick up some windows for the house from a seller on one of the Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups this morning, but then we got ready and went up to Cheboygan to get married. We stopped at Walmart to try to buy a frame for the new Charles Trippy poster I ordered, but they don't sell the right size anymore. Grrrrrrr!!! We saw Ma and Dad there. They were coming up to come to our wedding. My shoes were really hurting me, so I had Don cut them with a knife and then they were fine. They were too tight across the top of my feet. They were only 5 something, so it's no big deal. The cuts are small and look like they belong there. Then we all met at the courthouse. While we were waiting in the car for Ma and Dad to come down from Walmart we saw Christine come out of the courthouse with her lawyer. I didn't bug her, though, because she was busy talking to him.

So we went in and the secretary at Judge Butts' (yes, that's really his name, lol!) office asked us if we wanted to do it outside and we said yes. They have an arch thing outside to do it at. Ma took photos and shot video for the vlog. The camera can do both at the same time. Her and Dad were also our witnesses. Don cried during the ceremony, which surprised me, but that also lets me know he definitely loves me!

After the ceremony we all went to the park past Speedway to meet up with the girl who was going to take photos of us with my good camera. We all just relaxed on a picnic table in the shade until she got there. She was a really nice girl and did a good job and brought flowers for us to use in the photos. Even though she doesn't know us, she gave us a gift, a bottle with a cork top. She said we could put sand in it since we were at the beach to remember the day, so after the photos were taken and Ma and Dad left Don did indeed fill it with sand. It looks pretty cool. That was really nice of her!

Cathy called me on Facebook video chat while Don was getting the sand. She couldn't come because she had to work and then had to watch Sarah (as always), but that was okay. Then we stopped at Speedway and I got some iced coffee and a little lunch, and then we went back to Walmart and got a small carrot cake and some ice cream.

We came home and Don grilled pork steaks and chicken and we had a nice dinner and then had dessert. We put that skeleton cake topper on the cake that one of our YouTube subscribers got for us.

We just got back from town. We got a little bit to drink to celebrate, and we've just been relaxing and watching movies.

We're happy to be married! I'm still surprised it's really true! I thought for so long he would never want to get married.

Here's all the photos:




Jul. 16th, 2017 01:49 pm
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So Thursday we got up really early to pick up our marriage license and to meet a guy outside the Cheboygan courthouse to buy that tattoo ink. Don needed to work at Dan's, so we left here at 7:26 a.m. to get up there right when the courthouse opened at 8. I think we were the first people in there. Then I took Don to work and came home and took a nap, but it didn't matter because I was still super tired at work. Oh well.

So tomorrow we get married! Yay! Don has to meet up with some people at 8 a.m. to buy 3 windows off the Facebook Onaway Buy Sell Trade group, though. Then we get married at 2:30. Ma and Dad are going to come, but I don't think anybody else is. Then we are meeting up with a girl to take photos of us at the beach. I hope it doesn't rain. It's not supposed to.

Things are going to shit fast at work. First they accused Brad of stealing a whole package of lotto tickets, then found out it was just delivered to to the wrong store. Now they've accused him of stealing $100.00. Do they not like him or something? And Christine went to jail for giving somebody methadone. She denies it, but I don't know what to think since she did mention this winter something about her friend wanting her to fill her prescription and give it to her to get high. She said she didn't do it, but maybe she did. Well anyway, she got out on bail and now has lots of court. But in the meantime, Blarney Castle has suspended her from work and is investigating what's going on. She will most likely be fired since it's drug related. So they have Amy, the new girl, working all her own hours and all of Christine's hours, too. We're not supposed to get more than 28 hours a week, but Amy has well over 40. This week Rich has been working his own shifts AND then going up to the little store to close for Christine. And then, once summer hit, I was too busy to go around the whole store and check for updates. BUT I am NOT the only person who works there. There are usually 2 people working during the day. One of them could check. But no, apparently everybody thinks it's ONLY MY job to do that. I had a woman come up to me last night complaining that all the milk expired on July 5th! That's 10 days expired! WTF? So I said fuck it and left it right where it is. Let's see just how old it gets! That's not JUST MY job! I'm not the only one working there. All the daytime people think everything is up to the closers except running register and making coffee (and sometimes they don't even make coffee and I get there and it's gone, like last night!). I'm sick of it. I will be so glad when this is all over with!

Well, Don just said that now that we have all the little extra bills paid (my back taxes, both phones paid off, paying Dad back) that after tonight I don't have to go back anymore! Thank God for that! I don't want to go to jail! Now that DeLynn keeps coming over from Alpena she's throwing accusations at people about stealing. I don't want to be next! I'd rather not even go tonight, but Don said I should, so one more time and that's enough.

Well, time to take a shower and go deal with that crap one last time.


5 Days

Jul. 12th, 2017 12:44 pm
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5 days until we get married and I can start changing my name on everything to Wilton! I guess we have to go to Alpena to change my social security card because Don said when he tried to go to the one in Petoskey one time for something they chewed him out and told him he was at the wrong one and the one for people in this area is in Alpena. So fine, we'll pick one of my days off and vlog, too. I want to vlog that big 3D fish mural somebody painted downtown since I moved away, and find that geocache on Sportman's Island, and walk on the Pier at Bayview Park like I always used to. That should make for a nice vlog and at least we did more than just go to the social security office and leave. I'll have to have my driver's license changed and change my name at work and at the credit union (I guess while we're in Alpena I'll also go show our marriage license to Besser Credit Union and have them change my last name on their computer). I have a lot of places to change my name on the internet, too. I'm waiting until we're officially married to change it on Facebook. I don't play that dumb game where women change their last name to their boyfriend's last name when they're not even married, like Jasmine did with Tony, and like Ellen Barres did with Bryan VanSumeren. I think it's cheesy and stupid. You're not married, so don't lie and say you are! I could have been a dickhead and had my last name as Wilton on my Facebook ever since we got together on December 11th, 2014, but that's so stupid and babyish!

Don finally went back to work for Dan yesterday, so that'll help us out, especially after August 7th. As long as people keep ordering those spades Don will have the work. Yesterday he asked me to go to work with him. I guess he likes my company, lol. He just shipped some spades out at the UPS office in the Onaway Embroidery Shop and then cut some pipe. I just sat there drinking mint tea and eating Combos and watched him.

Last night we watched Moana on Netflix. That was really good! I know I'm an adult and I shouldn't like what Don calls, "cartoons," but I do! I always wanted to be an animator, and even though it didn't work out, I like watching really good animation, both traditional and computer generated. I hate that really low quality crap from the 80's, though. As an artist all I can see in that crap is their sloppiness. I like the old My Little Pony cartoons, but it really bothers me when they put the wrong dialog on the wrong pony! It's like, "be careful people!" LOL! I know the series and movie were only put out to sell the toys, but that doesn't mean they didn't need to care. They might have sold more ponies if the animation had been better quality. They don't make mistakes like that in MLP-FIM and that's just meant to sell the toys, too, so apparently people had a different mindset in the 80's than they do now.

I need to dye my hair today. It's the only day I can do it thanks to work. I hired a photographer from Cheboygan to meet up with us after we get married at the courthouse and use my camera to take some nice photos for $20.00 and I don't want gray showing. I just bought my own color this time, dark brown. I'm done trying to change the color because it never stays in.

I'm selling that tattoo ink I bought off Amazon. I was going to have Donny Root finish the dragon tattoo and I didn't think he had any colored ink because everything on his Facebook is black and white. Then I decided to give Nate Raymond another chance, but he said he wouldn't use the ink. (Asshole) Then I kept seeing more and more shitty tattoos Nate was doing show up on his Facebook and I said, "nope!" I'm going to have Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan do it, even if I have to wait until I get my tax return. All the guys there do GREAT work. I just need to go there and get an estimate to know what cost I'm looking at. So I don't need this ink. Today a guy in Cheboygan said he'll buy it and we're going to meet at the courthouse tomorrow morning when Don and I go to get the marriage license.

My plan for that since Don is working again is for us to get up early, go up there and get the license, then I'll drop Don off at Dan's and I'll come home and then I'll go to work when it's time. I work at 4:15 so we need to go to Cheboygan early. The clerk's office wants us to make sure there are no mistakes on the license. Then we get married Monday at 2:30. Yay!

Don doesn't want to tell Dan he's getting married because when Dan got married to Rose many years ago Don was supposed to be the best man, but some other guy started whining so Dan let that guy do it instead. Geez, sibling rivalry, lol. I'm sure Dan will find out by word of mouth, and if not, he's sure to wonder why Don is suddenly wearing a wedding ring, lol.

My wisdom tooth holes on the left are healing really well. It's only been a week, but they seem to healing faster then the right side did. The holes are already almost closed up. Good!

So Monday when we were just getting into Cheboygan we saw Christine just leaving it. I texted her and said I saw her. A few minutes later she sent me a weird text saying she had been arrested that morning on a charge the cops, "made up just for her," and that she didn't know what was going on. Come on now! You know what's going on and you know cops don't have the time or the desire to make special charges up for people. She said that same shit when her boyfriend got arrested, too. She did something, probably her and Tommy together, and doesn't want to be honest. If she didn't want me to know, she didn't have to say ANYTHING. She could have said she was shopping before work or something. Why lie? It pisses me off! She claims to be my friend and lies to me. That's bullshit!

My shirt from TeeTurtle finally came. The stupid mailman marked it as delivered on Monday and didn't bother to deliver it until yesterday. Now why the fuck? Don't mark something as delivered until it actually IS! Here I was freaking out thinking he gave the package to who the hell knows who and who the hell knows where!
But anyway, I like the picture on the shirt (that's why I ordered it, lol), but I ordered it in 3X and it's HUGE! I've gained back so much weight that my mind is telling me 3X is what I need again, but maybe I don't. Oh well, lol. I'll find out after I dye my hair and take a shower because I'm going to put it on.

I guess that's all for now. I'm doing laundry today and I need to get my hair dyed and take that shower, lol.



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