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18 hours of sleep later...

OK the swelling went down in my legs! YAY! I think that was a result of sitting for WAY too long. But yes, the concert was AMAZING! Well worth everything that went on before hand

Friday night we couldnt find our train tickets. Just before i started crying and Joe was getting ready to prep his mind for an insane drive... we found them. Apparently I brought them into the house and forgot Breathing a sigh of relief, we all try to get some sleep, but by then its 11 PM and I know if i take my one pill (like i am supposed to) I WILL NOT get up at 5 AM. this pill when it finally knocks me out has me out cold for +10 hrs a night, So I stayed up and said "I'll sleep on the train!"

Fast forward to the train (Cause nothing happened, I was playing WoW xD) We got on it, and I was excited cause I love Amtrak, and have since I was a kid. This was my first time ever riding on one! Trip was rather quiet, except us weirdos sightseeing and having fun like that. We heard conversations from a few people around us who were going too

We get into the City and despite me using the facilities on the train a few times, my sis and I had to use the ladies room in Grand Central. Our first encounter with the police there xD There was a bum (male) in the womens rest room

We finish with that and head up to the surface for... FRESH AIR! compared to the train, trust me this was fresh (the train wasnt bad, just recycled air for 8 hours gets dull. We walked around MSG once so I could get my bearings. Stopped at Boarders cause my sister wanted a book for the trip home, and I stopped at the 3 story Kmart to (get lost) and find some personal products that i forgot at home (yea bad time to forget them xD). By now it was 4:30 and we were hungry. Lets go to TGI Fridays for dinner! We know where that is.

I was ordering my normal, Sizzling Chicken and Cheese (minus the onions and peppers) and... wow the prices were insane xD Over here the Chicken and Cheese is $12. there it was $23! We ate slowly, and I basically told myself for that price I am eating it ALL in one sitting. Sadly Carrie and Joe didnt like their food (Joe had no appetite, and Carries was too spicy for her). Mine was perfect, even if i DID burn the roof of my mouth on the cheese xD

By now its nearing 6, so we figured we'd go stand in line now. We walk halfway around MSG again so we can find where we are supposed to go. and get in line. EVERYONE is super excited. We get filmed a few times too. They start letting people into the actual MSG around now in medium sized groups, so the lines going pretty good. We didnt have anything to inspect so we went through the checkpoint FAST. We didnt even bother looking at the shirt stands cause they were MOBBED, we figured we'd look later, and if not we'd go online xD

Everyone is standing in the vestibule waiting for the doors to open, its crowded. Five minutes to 7 someone said "OHH five minutes" Next thing i know its a BUM RUSH! Human chain time xD we get in to where we have to go, and use the facilities again, go find our seats and HOLY CRAP GOOD SEATS! I'd have been happy if they were ants, and I just got to HEAR them but nope! we had a good angle and were able to see fairly well!

Combichrist came on. And...meh. I wasnt too thrilled at their music. Too loud and we could barely understand them. They played for 30 minutes.

Time for Rammstein to set up! Its 8:30. Every time there was a sound check the crowd would go WILD. At 9:00 on the dot the lights went out and the crowd went into a frenzy. They teased us for a good 2-3 minutes before coming out in a grand way. Breaking out of walls and using a metal cutting tool to cut out an opening in the center.

I cant even describe the entire concert. It was just a LOT of yelling the lyrics, screaming, clapping and elation to FINALLY see the band I've loved since high school, in person!

They even played my most favorite song at the end! I think America showed them JUST how big a fan base they have. Cause at the end of Engal they did an old renaissance show of piety that had me in near tears.

around 6:00 you can see the start of it, and you will understand what i mean. I was speechless. Humbled.

I was dead tired. couldnt hear and could barely talk xD Time to mill around until 10 AM Sunday xD We saved money by no getting a motel >>;; Shhh. We dozed and loitered in Grand Central for the whole night. Went across the street to McDeaths at sometime around 2 AM for some food, and came back. No one bothered us, and it was warm (if a bit uncomfortable), the train ride home was also uneventful, i slept for a good chunk (I felt soooo bad for those around me, cause i snore xD), and getting home was really nice. quiet buffalo, city of LIGHTS! (it was pitch black for the last 2 hrs of the ride) We took my sister home, unwound and, died on the bed xD

I slept from 11 PM until around 5 PM xD IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

We found out today that the shirts we were going to try to get sold out right away, so we are just going to hit up the store online when it restocks xD We also found out that the MSG concert? IS GOING TO BE ON DVD! So i can relive it! EEEE!!!!

I did get one small souvenir from the trip to go on my fridge My sister picked me out a cute NYC magnet (that ironically still has the Two Towers on it)

Sometime tomorrow I think I will find a store to get my pictures developed, and I will try to scan and upload them ASAP. that concert. MADE MY DECADE!
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Mitternacht lyrics

Wenn die Gondeln Trauer tragen
und es hallt der toten Klagen
tief im Nacken das Grauen sitzt

Wenn die Uhr beginnt zu schlagen
kalte, dichte Nebelschwaden
berühr‘n dich sacht ...

... Mitternacht !

Gefriert das Blut dir in den Adern
Schnürt dir Angst die Kehle zu
Hörst du dein Herz und die Glocken schlagen
ist es Nacht ...

... Mitternacht !

Loca in ferna in nocte
Loca in ferna in nocte
Animae in nebula

... Mitternacht !

Media nox obscura nox
crudelitas animarum
campana sonat
duo decies

loca ... in ferna in nocte ....
anima in nebulaaaahhhh ...

media nox obscura nox
crudelitas animarum
media nox, media nox
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Now I know You are out there watching over us in our time of grief. Thank you for the weather that you knew would bring a smile to my face as I think of you on this cold winter night. Though you are no longer alive on this plane of existence, you join the ones I know who watch over me each and every single day. You will always be with me in my heart, just as you always have. I am sorry I never had the courage to visit you these past few years but know that I regret it and will miss you!

Until we meet again Grandpa. I love you!

Yes I am aware this song is about breaking up, but to me its more about losing loved ones.

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Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.

Hope, even in the most dire circumstances is still alive.
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well yeah. i kept it to myself but a lot has been going on lately. lots of stress and stuff making me want to jump off a cliff.

its all been sorted out. just a bit more stress and it will be over. In 2 weeks we move. a lot closer to joes work, not the first neighborhood i'd pick to live in but its actually fairly safe.

our current landlords are douches. nuff said. told us to GTFO (legally).

new landlord is a friend of joes from work. will make it a lot better in the long run. plus we can do what we want to the apartment, within reason.

that all said, its late. bed time!
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section 338, row C, seats 9-7


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20 minutes before we get tickets. I think i am going to DIE of excitement!
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This is what happens when my favorite tank (Tea) gets bored at 3 AM.

Read more... )

It took about 15 minutes or so (i had to refresh Curse of Elements about 3 times), we had an ICC geared lock, a ToTCr geared DK tank, and a ToTCr geared healer xD

Theres a horde rogue stealthed around there somewhere (or dead), who is a guildie of ours, but on his horde toon xD
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I get weird when doing summons. Hello sitting on the stone on my sexy mount!

When 14/25 people decide to follow suit! )

Hehehe :) We were doing a 25 ToC and people decided to see how many flying mounts we could get on that stone (its under there somewhere!) If you want to spot me, i am the blue dragon tail at the bottom of the pile!
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First one is my beloved shaman, right after I got Ghost Wolf. I LOVE the Ghost Wolf form. Shammy is still only lvl 52, but i still love her :D

cut for a very big picture )
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just showing off another new icon...

i am also debating making a wow screenshot journal (or just using this one on occasion). In my opinion i take some damn awesome screenies xD


Jun. 13th, 2010 12:44 am
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My mom called me today. The news she had sent me LOLing so hard I can still feel it.

My asshole biological father sent her the first child support check in... SIXTEEN YEARS! He stopped paying when my mom got re-married to the guy I consider my dad. Mom thinks he did that cause he was pissed she wasnt going back to him or something. He is fucked up so that wouldnt surprise me.

Theres been a warrant out for his arrest for the past 10 years... and no ones been able to find him. He works under the counter so he cant have his wages garnished, drives with out a license, etc. Basically fucking around, like the dickbag he is.

Mom suspects he got pulled over and it was discovered by the police that he doesnt have a license. And to get one you have to maintain support of children xD Not quite sure though cause if he was arrested mom would have received a summons to appear in court.

Though now that i am thinking about it, I wonder if hes doing it to fuck with mom? I sure as HELL hope not. Cause I will rip his balls off with a dull rusty spork.

We are not holding our breaths on a check next week, cause yeah -- sixteen years with out one, I doubt he'll start paying off all of a sudden (he owes my mom roughly 60k).

Now my moms children are being brats xD Rob asked her to take him to TRU. Carrie asked for vintage LPS. I asked for a pony (MLP).
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beautiful idea from Joe brought me to Watertown and The Thousand Islands :D it is awesome up here. i am burnt and dead tired from everything :) but amaaaaaaazing.

-4.5 hr drive here, lots of amusing conversation :)
-found a cute hotel to stay in the first night. TIIIINY room but hey it was comfy and cute.
-Awake at 9:30, had breakfast and left to Alexandria NY for the Uncle Sam Boat Tour, called Two Nations. For some reason i didnt want to go... i am glad i did. WOOOOW! 2.5 hour tour around some of the islands to show some of the multi million dollar homes over there, and some of the landmarks. We even went over a sunken ship, and saw a cave where a real pirate hid before being caught! O_O
-Went to Boldt Castle on Heart Island, sad story but awesome island and castle to explore. We were tired by then but had a lot of fun!

We had fun looking at some of the tourist shops near the tour. Some of the shop owners though really rubbed me the WRONG way. Yes, its the start of tourist season. Just because I have a camera doesnt mean you have to be on me like white on rice. Especially to the crazy bitch who decided to condense her hubbys collections... and when i asked if something was for sale (a dragon) she said she'd part with it for freaking 300$ FUCK THAT! First off, her husband was obviously attached to his stuff, they were all in amazing condition, random knick-knacks and such. To decide he HAS to sell his stuff, when he pretty much doesnt want to... thats just wrong. Then to tack on that ridiculous price. HELLS TO THE NO!

blah. Still amazing trip :) Staying at a Days Inn for the night and heading home tomorrow :)
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Fuck. Yeah.

1) got new boots, smexy boots, on my lock. because of that I am now the #2 in gear in my guild (1 healer above me), #8 warlock alliance side... and #13 on the entire realm. Fuck all you pansies that gave me shit when I first started raiding last September. And tons and tons of love to those who helped me learn my class so damn well. Gazaa, Gea, Tea, Clicky... that entire bunch.

2) I read J.R. Ward's book, Lover Mine. It took a bit and apparently I read the end a wee bit too fast. I was sooo confused -- I am glad I just spent the time to re-read it, cause I thought Xhex's mom was the Scribe Virgin x_x Now that I have that ironed out i can focus and ask what Ward did to Xhex. Sure shes still badass, but i donno, she seems off to me. Xhex was one of my favorites!
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The Jolly Green Giant.

I am not kidding. For the longest time I thought he lived behind my bedroom door x_x
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new userpic. though i am most definatly NOT in this mood.
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