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Unmedicated OCD talking right now and probably wont make much sense. Ignore if you want. this is therapeutic for me.

I am really...really mad at the hospital I visited while on vacation. Here is the very unprofessional and rather scathing letter I would LOVE to address to the doctor and admitting nurse on duty the night I visited.

Dear Dr. Ahmed;

I am writing you this letter to kindly request you go back to medical school, and re-take the courses on reading patient admitting charts. I admit accidents do occur and for all I know telling the admitting nurse that I am in the process of switching from celexa to cymbalta may have been too much for him to process, thus he could potentially have just put down that I am taking both and not mention cymbalta is a -new- medication for me. I am an ignorant person in the field of medicine, and while camping in a wooded area if i get weird patches on my ankles I am going to assume they are bug bites.

Three days after starting the cymbalta, I started experiencing welts on my skin, that later on in the evening turned into blisters. Hence going to the hospital. I thought I was bitten by something bad (brown recluse anyone?). Never have I felt so dismissed in my entire life. You waltzed in, glanced at my poor feet, declared there was no way to tell what sort of bites they were (or from what insect), told me I had cellulitis (infected bug bites), and sent me on my way.

I could have -died- you assholes. No testes were taken (no swabs, biopsies, bloodwork,. I was so scared I was willing to have bloodwork done. I am fucking terrified as hell of needles, but i had fucking blisters and welts on my skin, you also asked for NO BACKGROUND WHATSOEVER ON MY MEDICATIONS EITHER!), just one single quick glass at Samantha, and not a single look at Jason (let me amuse myself, i named my blisters).

The ONLY reason I realized it was an allergic reaction (POTENTIALLY LIFE THREATENING!) was when I got home 5 days after the ER visit. That day I was supposed to up my dose of cymbalta. I dont even want to think of what would happen had I done that. When I got home, I ended up talking to my mother on the phone who viewed pictures of Samantha and Jason and freaked the fuck out on me. I dont blame her. Her daughter could have went into anaphalactic shock and died because you and your admitting RN were lazy fucks.

...tempted to fight paying this fucking bill. Your lazy asses nearly had me killed (i could be being a bit dramatic but it is a possibility, i DID almost go back to the hospital on Sunday a week after the first visit, and after we got home, because my neck started [b]swelling[/b] (not a lot, but it was VERY tender)...this was 3 days after i stopped taking the cymbalta).

Your very angry patient:
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