May. 4th, 2012

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Last night was even better than NYCs show. Mostly because Rammstein played more of their greatest hits and I knew nearly all the songs except two.

I have had almost no sleep (something like 10 hours in 3 days?), and i am starving right now... but it was all worth it. My hearing is lowered. I cannot talk well (best way to put it, it feels like there is a lump in my throat). I couldnt help screaming more at this concert than i did in NYC. I knew the energy, I know the power of the music (as cheezy as that sounds). Just shutting up for once and listening to the packed crowd singing to Du Hast... it was awe inspiring.

Ok so back the fun train up a bit so I can explain. Joe discovered earlier this year or laaate last year that Rammstein was touring again. Collective cheering from my sister and I. We scramble to see where they are playing and if we can afford the tickets. Carrie rushed to book the cheapest decent inn we could find (with a pool!!! for freaking 60$/night) then it was just counting down the months. weeks. days. hours. Oh man near then end i am surprised Joe didnt whip out a ball gag for me.

our trip was scheduled to be in Cleveland, we have been here before just for a road trip to the zoo. we are such dorks. we also knew this wonderful city has the most amazing store called Big Fun. Think Toys R Us for retro toy nerds condensed into a store the size of two hotel rooms. This place is -packed- to the rafters with TOYS. every thing from cheap kazoos to vintage MIB Chatty Cathy dolls. If I could afford it, I WOULD buy their near mint with box MLP Dream Castle (original pink with blue turrets), but even though it tickles me to no end that a store sells my beloved ponies somewhere, I cant bring myself to pay $175 for it. We knew we HAD to make a stop at this store. HAD to. I start researching addresses and maps a few days before the concert and discover there are TWO FREAKING TWO Big Funs! OMG WE NEED TO GO TO THE SECOND ONE (Havent yet at the time of this post)

I come up with an rough time table. Leave at about 7ish am, get breakfast at subway, hit road, get to Cleveland around 11 when Big Fun opens, then get Golden Corral, hit the zoo, maybe take a dip, then scream my lungs out. A lot for a day i know, but we've done similar.

Yeah things never go to plan but thats the fun part of our excursions. Expect the unexpected. Joe got tired driving since he only had about 2 hours of sleep. We found an awesome beach (i got burned xD) to relax at for a bit. the water and the sky... blended. it was beautiful. We hit construction traffic. Meh. Carrie was sore as hell from Overnight at Crackdonalds so we decided to skip the zoo today.

We get into the city about noon. I put an hour into the parking meter. those with us that have never been here before go !!! cause i did that. Katie, you cant possibly think we will be here that long. I grin. 45 minutes ;P I love that store. My only "has a sad" is that after I made my selections, i found the vintage Voltron lions. I knew i would have to pass if just because I was buying a near mint Mail Order Stockings MLP. Complete with factory curl. Her only flaw is some possible pindot mold. Meh. I dont care. I love Stockings, she is one of those ponies I've always wanted. 30$ in a vintage specialty store is very reasonable. I also made a discovery while there that had me squeaking with delight. for only $5 there was a Mr. Snuffaluphagus plastic figurine!!! MIIIIIIIIIIINE!!! Mr. Snuffy was always my favorite Sesame Street character. Now I have one for my desk :D

Next it was time to go find the hotel, check in and crash cause none of us slept xD We are so dumb :P that quickly got vetoed since there was a pool on site and it was nearly 90 effin degrees outside. mmmmmm cold water. we didnt swim like we normally do, just sort of hung out and relaxed. Gotta conserve that energy ^^ Next was find food. There are no Chick-fil-As in NY except in NYC, so we decided to hit that up, since we've been to one before and love it. This place was amazing. good food, awesome staff. it was like a fast food sit down restaurant. they would go around asking if you wanted refills, offer to take your trays when you were done, and all of the staff were super happy. We managed to 'win' a stuffed Eat Mor Chikin cow :P

at this time it was nearing 6. tiiiime to head on into the city, find parking and figure out how to get our tickets :) we got there at about 6:30, got a good parking spot for $10 across the street, got in the correct line, and at 7 the doors opened. We instantly got in line to get shirts xD $60 for two shirts isnt too bad. I got a "We're all living in Amerika" shirt with the flag on the front and the lyrics in the back. Carrie got the same one xD Joe got one with the Rammstein logo with fire behind it on the front, and just the band name on the back.

Looking for our seats we discovered the entrance to the 200 lvl was blocked off. there was a table with some guys with a huge stack of tickets. They looked at ours and traded them for 100 lvl seats. FUCKING SCORE. We were no longer in the back of the arena in the nose bleeds. now in the curve of the bowl and lower. mmmmm.

there was no opening band. just a put together techno melee of Rammstein songs accompanied by a video that kinda got annoying after the first 10 minutes. It was good at first but you know, the crowd gets restless xD

Band came out and we all start screaming. From there i cant even describe it. It was just an awesome show. Older stuff that I know better. Lots and lots of scream-singing. we will leave it at that. :P we decided to wait a few minutes for the arena to clear out before heading to the car. Made it easy to get out. I almost begged for a Rammstein flag :P

Got to the car, enjoyed the mild breeze, and waited for the parking garage to nearly empty, got out and got lost going back to the hotel xD Wasnt too bad though. Thanks to Carries boyfriend who had GPS we got back just a bit later than normal.

now... i am just waiting to go get breakfast, so we can check out, go to the zoo and head Golden Corral (also something we dont have in Buffalo), and then head home.

this has been an amazing experience. I currently have almost no voice. My hearing is probably slightly compromised for a bit. I am rather sore. I DONT CARE!



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